What is Bearizona's Shop 2 Give?

Shop 2 Give is just the online branch of Bearizona's famous gift shop. Our mission is to create an opportunity for you to shop from the comfort of your home knowing that you are making a tremendous impact on animal conservation. 

Bearizona's Direct Efforts

Over 50% of the animals currently living at Bearizona have come from a rescue mission.

Take Hot Wheels here for a second...

Hot Wheels - Orphaned Baby Pronghorn Antelope

He was picked up by a well intentioned human because they thought he had lost his mother. Because of this action, he became orphaned. Arizona Game & Fish reached out to us and we were able to take him in and provide him with a great home for the rest of his life. 

Because of our ability to take in so many animals and maintain large, comfortable exhibits, Bearizona has become a very popular tourist destination. We are able to create a magical experience that helps educate the general public about all of our animals and their needs. 

You can visit our site at bearizona.com.

This is all possible because of your purchases online and our visitors to the park.

Bearizona's Partnerships

Some of the agencies that we've had the pleasure to work with are Arizona Game & Fish; Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks; ZAA; and more. We do spend a majority of the time working with our local agency, Arizona Game & Fish.

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